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Our baby room cares for 12 children a day over 3 rooms in the Nursery. All baby rooms are kitted out with everything an Under 2 needs, creating a fun yet calm environment! 

We have a wide range of resources in our baby rooms from loose parts to colour puzzles. We have a strong emphasis on sensory play with our very own Sensory room, providing all the lights, sounds and textures your little one needs to express their emotions and develop cognitive and language in the early years. 

Movement and early stages of mobility is supported through play. For our younger babies we ensure plenty of tummy time. As they grow stronger and bigger we have supportive balancing toys that assist them in mastering sitting, standing and bouncing!

Outdoor play is essential and at Family Nurseries Newport we have The Wilderness! Our very own forest with a dedicated baby section to ensure our babies can play and learn safely outside. 

We have our own cozy sleep room for when it's nap time. We ensure home routines are mimicked at the nursery, whether it's calming music, self soothing or rocking to sleep, we have everything on hand for a soothing nap time!

It is important for our babies to feel safe and calm in our care. Our staff ratios are 3:1 which allows our experienced practitioners to dedicate more time to your child at their youngest age in the Nursery. This helps create a platform for positive relationships, allowing your child to receive the best care possible.

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  • Capacity: 12 Children Ages 3 Months- 2 Years

  • Low level units that are accessible to Under 2’s

  • Sensory room with mixed lighting, visual aids and textures

  • Soft and hard flooring for different activities

  • Sleep area

  • Changing area

  • Milk Kitchen

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