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Our toddlers room cares for 21 children over 3 rooms with free flow and exploring at the heart of the room. It is around the 18 month stage when we discuss a child's development with parents to see their eligibility to move from babies to toddlers. We find that having a wider age range in the room allows our younger children to learn from the older children. 
Depending on the mix of ages in the room our staff ratios are either 1:3 or 1:4. This allows your child to get the dedicated support they need as they progress throughout the early years. We implement a ‘home from home’ approach which helps us get to know every child’s family and creates a more comfortable learning environment. 

In toddlers we encourage children to self select their activities and channel learning from these selections. We also want our children to learn about the world around them and create fun memories that stay with them forever!

Our practitioners work closely with children on communication, singing and signing to help your child to progress in clear speech. 

We have our very own construction and indoor sand area, from building towers, to building and digging in the sand, we've got it covered. The indoor sand pit helps your child understand transferring, tipping, pouring, building, digging as well as having fun all at the same time. It's these areas of creating and experience that allow your child to develop and problem solve. 

Our Wilderness area provides a safe and secure outdoor space to learn and play. With plenty of space to roam freely with close supervision your child can create a den or even get digging in the mud kitchen!

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  • Capacity: 16 Children Ages 2 Years – 3 Years

  • Large open plan area with: The Reading corner, Role play, Messy play and Construction zones.

  • Indoor sand pit with plenty of play sand and educational toys to enjoy.

  • Dedicated Sleep Corner

  • The room gives easy access to the dining hall and toilet area.

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