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Preschoolers are...

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Our preschool cares for 32 children over 2 rooms with its very own outdoor free flow classroom. We get to know each child individually and their families so we can tailor their preschool experience to make sure they feel at home in our care. Self selection of activities is encouraged so that children become independent and can control their own learning

In preschool we have a strong emphasis on the government’s EYFS for learning and all of our experienced practitioners are great at implementing it. We cover all the key areas of learning:

communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development and have particular focus on:  literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts and design.

There is plenty of opportunity for messy play using paint, water, sand and other fun art! We make sure key areas such as literacy and maths are covered in a fun and interesting way.  We have two reading corners, one indoors for children to sit for some calm time and one in The Wilderness which creates an outdoors round the campfire environment! 

We make sure provocations and resources are in abundance to enhance learning opportunities, knowledge and understanding. We frequently change resources in our rooms to expose change to children which then promotes curiosity, exploration and imagination. 

At Family Nurseries Newport we have a strong focus on school readiness and how prepared your child is prior to starting reception. Our practitioners play a key role in ensuring your child is cognitively, socially and emotionally ready for the transition to Primary School. We find our approach eliminates any ‘school ready’ anxiety that parent’s feel during the preschool years. We are here to support your child to be confident, engaged, make friends, explore and be independent.

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  • Capacity: 24 Children Ages 3-4 Years Old

  • Low level units give easy access to resources

  • The room has clear areas defined for role play, construction, science and ICT, Reading and Creativity.

  • Preschool specific resources that are tailored towards refining their development.

  • Direct access to The Wilderness outdoor area where have larger resources for construction, role play, messy play/mud kitchen, water play as well as a range of bikes for children to practice stability and motion safely.

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